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Csarda Haz walnut burl ready for furniture making.

Old Growth Walnut Orchard at Csarda Haz

Csarda Haz Sawmill

Sawmilling & Hardwood Lumber

We mill hardwood logs of oak and walnut into furniture grade lumber at Csarda Haz. At the sawmill oak and walnut logs are cut into large planks and stacked for drying. After drying for two or more years the lumber is used to make fine oak and walnut furniture and other items of utility.

Do you have a hardwood tree you want to remove?

If you have a large hardwood tree which you would like to have cut down and removed, give us a call at 530-757-2294. Your hardwood tree may be worth a great deal. Let us exam your tree and determine its suitability for hardwood lumber.

If it is of furniture quality, we will transport your hardwood logs to our sawmill for milling into usable lumber. You will receive 50% of your very valuable, hardwood lumber. Oak and walnut board are commonly sold for $8 to $10 per board foot (a square foot of lumber 1 inch thick).

Sawing walnut timber at the Csarda Haz.

Stacked Walnut Lumber

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