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Old Growth Walnut Orchard at Csarda Haz Farm

Our free-range wooly pigs or Mangalicas are a hardy breed from Hungary. Friendly and intelligent, Mangalitsas thrive in both hot and cold weather. The are excellent parents and all ages graze together happily as a family.

Pasture-raised Mangalica Sow

Mangalicas enjoying the fresh green cover crop

We mill our own walnut lumber at Csarda Haz Farm. After drying for two or more years the lumber is used to make fine walnut furniture and other items of utility.

Csarda Haz Farm Sawmill


Although the Csarda Haz Farm is an active, working, ecological farm, an important goal is to provide oportunities to experience farm life. Visitors can observe traditional methods of horticulture and animal husbandry. Under the supervision of experienced farmers, visitors can also participate in a number of agricultural activities.

Forty acres of English walnuts are the backbone of farm production. Our walnut trees are almost 60 years old and provide the farm with a park-like atmosphere. At Csarda Haz Farm you will enjoy shade under stately walnuts in the summer and experience a magical forest in the winter.

Mangalicas Love Pasture!

Mangalicas foraging on cover crop

At the sawmill the walnut logs are cut into large planks and stacked for drying.

Stacked Walnut Lumber

The finished product is beautiful, rustic furniture as exemplified by this walnut table.

Solid Walnut Farm House Table

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